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314 Warren Street
Hudson, NY, 12534


source adage is a Hudson, NY based fragrance brand. Our collections of premium home and personal fragrances are inspired by aspirational destinations and majestic landscapes. Each scent that we create is as distinct as the land that inspired them.



hand made apothecary soap collection by source adage.

apothecary soaps

source adage introduces new apothecary soaps as companion pieces to the apothecary candle collection.

The hand poured soaps are made from saponified organic oils and all-natural essential oils with the addition of natural clays and powders that promote skin wellness and rejuvenation.


The “altus” apothecary soap is longer available online due to sales restrictions of cannabis products in certain markets. For more information or to purchase, please contact source adage directly. Thank you!


[latin; summer, glow] 
blood orange, geranium, ginger root
with rhassoul clay

An invigorating, juicy citrus scent with sweet geranium and spicy ginger notes to energize

$16 (4.5oz)

Rhassoul clay hails from the Atlas Mountains and was used by Egyptian royalty to tone and moisturize their skin. It is also known to increase skin firmness and improve collagen formation under the skin to reduce wrinkles.


[latin; snow, winter]
cedar, frankincense, fir needle, wild mint
with kaolin clay and crushed peppermint

A wintery scent of pine needles, cedar, and cool mint for a refreshing fragrance

$16 (4.5oz)

Originating from Kaoling, a hill in China where it was first mined to make porcelain, Kaolin clay is the most gentle among clays used for skincare. It has a neutral pH and removes impurities and dirt from the skin without drying it or causing irritation.


[latin; rose garden]
damask rose, neroli, black pepper
with arjuna bark powder

A sumptuous, natural floral fragrance of damask rose, neroli, and peppercorn

$16 (4.5oz)

The bark of the arjuna tree has been used as a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for thousands of years and believed to effectively treat skin blemishes and have anti-aging properties.


[latin; forest, wood] 
cedar wood, juniper berry, sage, birch leaf with activated charcoal and kaolin clay

A rich, forest scent of aromatic wood, wild herb, and fallen autumn leaves

$16 (4.5oz)

Activated charcoal has become an increasinly popular ingredient in skincare for its deep cleansing, gentle exfoliating, and skin toning benefits. Along with Kaolin clay, charcoal removes toxins and balances the skin, leaving it soft.


[latin; green, verdant]
lime, clary sage, basil
with french green clay

Aromatic herb and zesty citrus notes intermingle for a refreshing coastal scent

$16 (4.5oz)

Used by ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations, French green clay is known for its effective detoxification, exfoliating, and clarifying properties on the skin. Its mineral rich composition leaves the skin moisturized and promotes the regeneration of cells.