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314 Warren Street
Hudson, NY, 12534


source adage is a Hudson, NY based fragrance brand. Our collections of premium home and personal fragrances are inspired by aspirational destinations and majestic landscapes. Each scent that we create is as distinct as the land that inspired them.



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Lifted into Summer with i'khana

Christopher Draghi


We are proud to introduce our newest eau de parfum, i’khana, just in time for the summer.

Like its siblings, i’khana is a wonderfully complex, destination-driven fragrance. This scent takes us on a journey to the warm, turquoise waters and refreshing coastal breezes of the Florida Keys and Gulf Coast – a sensory escape to white sand beaches that dip lazily from the coconut groves into the surf.

Originating from the Choctaw language of southeastern USA meaning, “enlightened”, i’khana is a sprightly scent of layered citrus and spice notes moored by calming hues of coconut and pale musk. An ideal daytime and warm weather fragrance for both men and women.

Fragrance notes: Grapefruit rind, lime, mandarin orange, pink peppercorn, cardamom, coconut, musk
50ml bottle or sample available, 20% fragrance/vol.


It's L'Officiel

Christopher Draghi

Founders, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay

Founders, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay

L’Officiel Q&A!

Source Adage Gives Attention to Detail New Meaning

The Hudson-based perfumery boasts an impressive selection of unique and alluring scents.
— Avery Felman, L'Officiel USA

It’s always flattering to receive recognition for your passions. So, when we had the opportunity recently to talk about our brand and products with the fabulous team at L’Officiel USA you can imagine our how flush we got!

Read behind-the-scenes information on our approach to fragrance making, what inspires us, and even insight to our next perfume:

Make the Season Bright

Christopher Draghi

ph. Tim Tiedemann

ph. Tim Tiedemann

Winter has come in. Full swing and undaunted by not having reached its official date yet. But up in the Northeast, it’s nothing to be concerned about. Our skin is a bit thicker and, after all, it means the holiday season has arrived: The merriest time of year. Snow has fallen and forest greens frame entryways and wreaths hang in wait of those making their way home.

At adage, we have been busy preparing not only seasonal decorations but changing the candles burning in our Hudson, NY store with the heartier, woodsy scents - some even new for the season!

Our popular NORTH ATLANTIC and HUDSON 314 candles and diffusers are all-stars during the winter months. Now, though, there are seasonal contenders from the new apothecary candle collection; sylva and nivalis.

Signature collection: reed diffuser and candles

Signature collection: reed diffuser and candles

nivalis apothecary candle

nivalis apothecary candle

Our Alaska inspired c’i’aan eau de parfum is the perfect personal scent for the season. It’s a bold, “arctic meets woodlands” fragrance with bright, coniferous notes of spruce and juniper. Cool spearmint provides the sensation of winter air with tangy apple leading the perfume towards the forest-y notes of tree resins and cedar, finishing in the warmth of amber. It’s an infectiously “happy” fragrance to wear that comforts throughout the day.

c’i’aan eau de parfum

c’i’aan eau de parfum

As not all of our fans find themselves in colder climates as the year winds down, there are a wide range of fragrance styles and notes across our collections to enjoy and share with those who made the “nice” list! Visit for information about all of our products, receiving samples, promotions, and the latest news.

Happy Holidays from the source adage team!

Introducing, monto'ac

Christopher Draghi

The third entry to the source adage eau de parfum collection is monto'ac.

From the Croatoan dialect of the Carolina Algonquians meaning "Great Spirit", monto'ac is an inspiriting fragrance of coastal hillside and forest floor accords.

The fragrance draws inspiration from natural elements of the region and from native American cultures: Purifying Sage notes lead the scent that dry down to native green grape, fresh tobacco leaves, musk and leather. It's a juicy summer fragrance that recalls the textures of the rolling landscape of the mid-Atlantic States that sweep from the lush green forests to the natural coastline. 

50ml bottle and Samples available online and in-store.


MAKE IT JOYOUS! New products just in time for the holidays.

Christopher Draghi

source adage NYC has introduced votive candles for all of the brand's signature ambient fragrances - the perfect stocking stuffer as singles or, you can mix and match 3 of your favorite votives in one box.

Also, introduced for the season are the new eau de parfums, aka'ula and c'i'aan. Each unique personal perfume is destination driven like the collection of ambient fragrances. The island spice and volcanic aka'ula inspired by Hawaii and the resin, wood and fresh arctic notes of c'i'aan inspired by Alaska. The luxurious and distinct fragrances are available in 50ml spray bottles.

source adage votive candles (above) and eau de parfums (below)

The source adage retail flagship store in Hudson, NY got a nutcracker inspired holiday makeover in celebration of Hudson's annual Winter Walk! Source adage won an award from Hudson Opera House who organizes and sponsors the annual event.

Introducing, EAU DE PARFUM

Christopher Draghi

source adage NYC, is proud to announce the debut of the first two fragrances in their destination driven eau de parfum collection; aka'ula and c'i'aan.

The unisex fragrances follow the source adage brand ethos of creating premium, distinctive olfactory compositions inspired by great American landscapes. The intriguing scents evoke a moment in time and place, harnessing the unique characteristics of each destination through a curated selection and balance of premium ingredients. 

The seemingly enigmatic name given to each of the fragrances is derived from the native languages of the regions that inspired them. It’s an homage to both the striking regional landscapes and to the rich cultures that inhabited the lands in their most natural state. 

The result is a debut of bold eau de parfum fragrances that are unmistakably “adage”:

50ml bottle

50ml bottle

aka’ula (red sunset in Hawaiian) is an intriguingly intense fragrance of volcanic smoke and island spice accords with spicy ginger CO2 extract, vetyver and pineapple leaves. Rich, mineral earth character is accentuated with agar wood, vanilla with rich coffee and smoke notes.

50ml bottle

50ml bottle

c’i’aan [key-on] (new moon in the Ahtna language of southern Alaska) is a complex fragrance of both warm woodland and fresh arctic accords with fragrant juniper CO2 extract, spearmint and apple notes balanced with a balsamic quality of fir, cedar and amber.