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314 Warren Street
Hudson, NY, 12534


source adage is a Hudson, NY based fragrance brand. Our collections of premium home and personal fragrances are inspired by aspirational destinations and majestic landscapes. Each scent that we create is as distinct as the land that inspired them.



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Revisiting the California coast

Christopher Draghi

Mendocino coast

You never see the same place in the same way twice. That is the magic of traveling and bringing new experiences to places that, inevitably, leave their own indelible mark on your journey. If it's a place of both drama and serenity, such as California's central and northern coast, then that mark is surely drawn with strokes of giddiness and awe, alike. 

Each trail, panorama, and road shows you something new. You visit at a new time of day, the light has a different hue, and everything changes. That twisted and gnarly cypress, alone against the brunt of ocean gusts, seems a little more defiant than you remember. The sauvignon blanc-like aroma released by eucalyptus acorns, scents your drive along the coast before turning inland towards the musky, primordial mountain air infused with fern, fir, and splintered redwood.

And perhaps your purpose this time is not only to travel for travel's sake. You're on a mission to detect and catalog the sites and scents that fill the air so that you can almost taste them on your tongue. Briny marine air mixing with the wild "cowboy cologne" (aka, sage brush), blending with coastal wood notes; eucalyptus, cedar, and cypress. The bitter sweet herbs and tart citrus carried from gardens and orchards stake out their positions. You're on mission to take it all in, making mental notes, with the intention to reinterpret that location into a fragrance . . .

Introducing our new PACIFIC COAST ambient fragrance.

Bodega Head, Sonoma County

After a recent adventure through the Monterey, Sonoma and Mendocino counties, we couldn't help but be inspired to bring something new to our popular PACIFIC COAST ambient fragrance.

The new fragrance builds upon many of the original notes of lime, sagebrush, and marine ozone but in a more pronounced way. The addition of peppery basil, cypress and light coastal forest wood notes add in just the right amount of tension and raw nature to reflect the character of a region that strikes a balance between rugged and refined. Drama and serenity.

As the makers of our fragrances, we have the luxury to revisit our scents, like the regions themselves, with new perspective and experiences. After all, much like a journey itself, complex fragrances reveal new layers, new sensations and memory triggers that are highly personal. That's the magic of scent. 



Midnight in the Garden of the Good South

Christopher Draghi

Audubon Park, New Orleans

"Our SOUTHERN STATES fragrance is more of a 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' meets Anne Rice South."

There is so much to love and to be seduced by in the South. And yes, orange blossoms and magnolias are part of that, but, from the onset, our vision of this fragrance was something much more mysterious. More seductive and decidedly masculine. 

The gentile South that, with all of its many charms and smiles, has a darker, sinister side. Take a walk down a side street in the French Quarter of New Orleans and you can't help but sense it. Voodoo and black magic shops. Those that tour groups aren't ushered in to. A foggy night strolling square to square in Savannah underneath the twisted, outstretching arms of the oaks and Spanish moss netting providing an eerie canopy. It's beyond suggestive. Poetic. Darkly romantic. You almost expect to step out the other side of Monterey Square in to another era completely. 

This is the spirit (and there are spirits abound in these locations!) that we aimed to capture in our SOUTHERN STATES fragrance with its intense smokey notes from birch tar, the alcoholic sweetness of bourbon with leather and musk notes that transport you to a southern parlor around midnight.

 "A social gathering in the evening where attention converges on an extrovert in the parlor; dandy in extravagance. An imbibed darker tone commandeers the senses as night falls." 

Introducing, EAU DE PARFUM

Christopher Draghi

source adage NYC, is proud to announce the debut of the first two fragrances in their destination driven eau de parfum collection; aka'ula and c'i'aan.

The unisex fragrances follow the source adage brand ethos of creating premium, distinctive olfactory compositions inspired by great American landscapes. The intriguing scents evoke a moment in time and place, harnessing the unique characteristics of each destination through a curated selection and balance of premium ingredients. 

The seemingly enigmatic name given to each of the fragrances is derived from the native languages of the regions that inspired them. It’s an homage to both the striking regional landscapes and to the rich cultures that inhabited the lands in their most natural state. 

The result is a debut of bold eau de parfum fragrances that are unmistakably “adage”:

50ml bottle

50ml bottle

aka’ula (red sunset in Hawaiian) is an intriguingly intense fragrance of volcanic smoke and island spice accords with spicy ginger CO2 extract, vetyver and pineapple leaves. Rich, mineral earth character is accentuated with agar wood, vanilla with rich coffee and smoke notes.

50ml bottle

50ml bottle

c’i’aan [key-on] (new moon in the Ahtna language of southern Alaska) is a complex fragrance of both warm woodland and fresh arctic accords with fragrant juniper CO2 extract, spearmint and apple notes balanced with a balsamic quality of fir, cedar and amber.

Summer Heat in the SOUTHWEST

Christopher Draghi

As the summer heats up its final stages before yielding to cooler temperatures of autumn, we embrace the raw beauty of the American desert. From the pale yellow foothills of greater Phoenix to the burnt orange, natural monuments of Sedona, you are transported along with the sizzling, dry breezes from stark desert to painted landscapes of red rock country. A shift in the air marks your passage from the spiced dried earth of the Sonoran hills to the sweet and herbaceous scents emanating from sagebrush river beds of the Coconino canyons. It's a dramatic transformation of color and composition, of a state of anxious solitude to a solemn spirituality. Each with its own beauty and purpose that compose this awe-inspiring region of complimentary contrasts.

Our SOUTHWEST fragrance pays homage to this unique region. The arid, kilned earth of powdery red clay and brittle, dried wood inspires the base of the fragrance where spicy notes of fennel seed, coriander and black pepper add layers of intrigue.


Christopher Draghi

Meet renowned floral designer, Mike Hines of epoch.floral, for a signing and launch event of his new book, UPROOTED, at the source adage NYC home fragrance store in Hudson, NY.

Saturday, June 4th from 5-8pm

314 Warren Street, Hudson, NY


Mike Hines' UPROOTED showcases his unique design aesthetic and approach through this compilation of original floral compositions in a delicate orchestration of concepts with organic intention, grit, and artful masculinity. Hines takes the reader into his world by creating designs that are both mysterious and sexy. 

UPROOTED is a visually stunning coffee table book with over 80 full-color images by photographer Doug Human - making it an essential addition to any library. Preorder now on Amazon or, better yet, meet Mike in person in Hudson at source adage NYC and get your signed copy.

Photography by Doug Human


New Luxury Fragrances Launch in Hudson, NY

Christopher Draghi

The center room testing table

For those who have never been to Hudson, NY you must not have been listening to the chatter or reading the Times' travel editorials.

Hudson is the upstate destination for Manhattanites, Brooklynites and North-Easterners, in general. Last month the first "adage" retail store opened, in conjunction with the launch of the brand's line of ambient fragrances, in the 300 block of mile-long Warren Street, historic Hudson's main commercial street. Hudson is famous for its antique dealers and curated home decor shops. The fitting setting for home scents with a captive audience of metropolitan weekenders and locals alike.  

source adage NYC at 314 Warren Street

The newly renovated building can't be missed with its "nearly black" Greek Revival facade and masculine, gray walled interior with an eclectic mix of furniture from the late 1800's to mid-century modern. Striking black and white landscape photography and low lighting come together to create an atmospheric backdrop to the reed diffuser and candle "adage" vessels made from hand-pressed black glass. 

Each fragrance gets its own station to experience a more isolated testing of the distinct fragrances. The themed vignettes, referential to the great American landscapes that inspired the fragrances, serve as a mood board to illustrate how each fragrance was originally conceived by creators/owners Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay. The entry room of the store showcases the seasonal featured fragrance, furnished with objects and photographs that recall that region's character.

The men's lounge style space permeates a rich mixture of all the open fragrances oils and lit candles that greet you warmly at the door upon entry and linger on to the sidewalk as an open invitation to those passing who have yet to visit. 



Christopher Draghi

The new "HUDSON 314" fragrance takes its inspiration from Hudson, NY and the surrounding countryside. Earthy notes of clay, rain soaked oak bark and leaves, moss and juniper, brightened by bitter sweet wild flowers and matured fruit, finishing with a lingering pale musk as a nod to Hudson's colorful history. 

Available on-line and in-store this fall.


FINALIST for the American Made Award

Christopher Draghi

We are honored to announce that source adage NYC has been selected as a FINALIST for the Martha Stewart American Made Award! 

Martha Stewart - American Made 2015 - Nominee Badge

Click on the badge above to visit our page for more information. 

Voting starts September 21st. (Don't worry, we'll remind you;).

HUDSON Flagship Store Opens

Christopher Draghi

The Hudson, NY flagship "adage" store opens in the historic center at 314 Warren Street in a newly renovated 1830's Greek revival building. From the "nearly black" exterior to the varying shades of gray interior walls and masculine decor, owners, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay's retail concept clearly represents the spirit of the adage brand as a sophisticated men's lounge. Each of the five debut fragrances are framed by individual furniture set-ups as a nod to the regions that inspired them: PACIFIC COAST, GREAT PLAINS, SOUTHWEST, NORTH ATLANTIC, SOUTHERN STATES. The earthy, masculine scents are all made in New York and are available as room diffusers and candles in store and online at